Genetic risk assessment and counselling module (Sickle Cell and Thalassamia Screening)

This specialist counselling course relates to the Sickle Cell and Thalassamia Screening Programme and is designed for students to have, on completion, an in depth knowledge of haemoglobin disorders, and the practical applications of genetics in health care including genetic testing, prevention of genetic disorders and prenatal diagnosis and genetic counselling.

The 4-day course is for NHS staff delivering counselling to ‘at risk’ couples as identified by the NHS SCT screening programme.

The SCT programme is pleased to provide a number of bursaries to eligible professionals (note that the bursaries are for course fees only). 

Bursary applicants must apply to King’s College for a place on the course and apply for funding using the form at the bottom of this webpage.

For further information and course dates please see the Kings College London website. 






For queries about the course please contact Joan Walters at King's College London via email: [email protected]