Birth Trauma Resolution, certified practitioner training programme by Jenny Mullan

Leading the way in birth trauma education and training

The BTR therapy practitioner training programme is the first of its kind to offer midwives the opportunity to learn how to treat women, partners and staff for the hugely debilitating symptoms of birth trauma, PTSD and the associated symptoms. BTR therapy uses a variety of fast and effective tools and techniques, allowing for successful treatment outcomes, often in as little as 2-3 sessions. This makes this treatment cost-effective for the NHS.

After 3 years of running this programme we have decided to extend the training course to raise standards even higher. Following feedback from the students who have undertaken this training, it was felt that a one-year programme would allow students even more time to develop the necessary skills to treat birth trauma patients and consolidate learning under supervised practice. This would enable practitioners to offer the highest standard of treatment and care, whilst further improving the standard and quality of this gold standard training course.

So, who should apply?

Midwives who choose to do this training programme are often involved in the following services:

  • Birth Afterthoughts
  • Birth Reflections
  • Birth Stories
  • Meet The Matron
  • Debriefing
  • Bereavement midwives

However, anyone who has a keen interest in this course and working with birth trauma and PTSD may apply.

Course timeframe:

1-year programme

You will enjoy a one year working relationship with course tutor Jenny Mullan to ensure safety to practice and a skill set of the highest standard. Within that time frame you are required to attend the following live training days.

Week 1

3 day live training.

Week 4

3 day live training.

Week 18

Assessment day + submit case study.     

Note - During weeks 1-18 the students will have access to the online Google Classroom where they will receive peer and teacher support/supervision with their case studies.

Week 25

Students will be given practitioner status and are able to practise with patients within the NHS or privately. They will receive a certificate and report.

6 months BTR Preceptorship

This will be considered a time to offer guidance, support and further learning to newly qualified BTR practitioner to help them transition from student to practitioner and develop their practice further. The practitioner will be offered a once monthly group supervision sessions over the 6 months period. They must attend 4 out of the 6 sessions.

Final assessment

Following the preceptorship students will take part in an ‘open book’ assessment prepared by the course tutor. A pass will allow them to go on the practitioner register and receive referrals.

We know that practitioners who have attended this training programme are achieving outstanding results. We already have several trusts across the UK running BTR therapy clinics, dedicated to offering a new and much needed service for women, partners and staff. Swansea University, who have been running a clinic for some time now, offer excellent care, support and fast and effective treatment for women suffering from birth trauma and PTSD and work alongside psychological services.

Furthermore, following a recent CQC inspection, one of the practitioners at James Paget’s University hospital was awarded an ‘outstanding’ for their service offering BTR therapy.

All this is in addition to the many practitioners now practicing BTR therapy, either privately or within their trust or health board, I believe that this exciting trend is set to continue.

Testimonials from students who have taken the training programme:

"BTR therapy has the potential to improve a person’s mental health and quality of life not just successfully but quickly." – Keely Chambers, midwife

"My patient's whole outlook in relation to both her previous birth and next birth were transformed from the first to the last session. The power of the treatment and the shift that I saw was significant and as a BTR practitioner I felt very proud that I was capable of helping a woman to heal in this way." - Denise Cleaver, midwife.

"Psychological therapy is so distant from where the rest of my career has taken me. I was admittedly, a little sceptical at the start. However, I am now amazed at the impact and the change this process can have on peoples lives and have enjoyed opening my mind to new therapies, developing my confidence, seeing the dramatic change in women’s lives and that of their families." – Judy Baker, midwife.


As most of the professionals applying for this course work within the NHS we have kept the cost of the training programme as low as possible. The cost of this training programme is:

£2697 + VAT

(a £400 + VAT non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place)

Many midwives are now receiving funding from their employer to attend this training programme.



If you would like more information please go to

If you are interested in applying please email Jenny Mullan at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you

Jenny Mullan