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Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub for women

Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub for women

Welcome to the RCM Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub. 

We wanted to provide a safe place online for families having a baby to access information which is free from scare stories and based on good evidence.

Next to many of the links are symbols to give you more information about the links. 

Here’s what the symbols mean: 

 This link contains a film.
  This link has a telephone or live chat helpline.

   This link can help you to find support in your local area.

   This link can be translated online or is available in other languages*.

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Using the RCM Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub. 

There may be topics which interest you which we haven’t included. If what you need isn’t here, remember that you can ask your midwife, or talk to her if something you have read has worried you. 

Please note that the translation tool for NHS choices is in the top right of the screen (Translate▼)

Please note that the resources listed below will open in a new tab on your web browser. Please close down the tab to return to this page.

Click on the headings in blue below, which will reveal links that will take you to a menu of topics for each stage of pregnancy and becoming a parent. We hope that you find it useful. For any questions, please email publichealth@rcm.org.uk  

Information and Support for your Pregnancy

Alcohol and pregnancy

 NHS choices / Start for Life.  Alcohol in pregnancy.

NOFAS leaflet for pregnant women.


NHS choices.  Breastfeeding and alcohol.

RCOG Alcohol in pregnancy guidance.

Alcohol units’ calculator.

What to expect from your Antenatal Care

NICE guidance.  Antenatal care for uncomplicated pregnancies.  Information for the public.


NHS choices. Your antenatal care. Pregnancy and Baby guide.

NCT. Rhesus negative blood and pregnancy.

Cancer has affected your pregnancy

RCOG Information leaflet. Pregnancy and Breast Cancer.

Mummy's Star website.  Supporting pregnancy through cancer and beyond.

Dental health

NHS choices. Teeth and gums in pregnancy and ‘find a dentist near you' tool.

NHS Scotland. Oral health in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sickness Support. Oral hygiene and pregnancy sickness.


Diabetes UK. Pregnancy and diabetes.

Diabetes UK. Gestational diabetes.

NHS choices. Gestational diabetes.

RCOG Information leaflet. Gestational diabetes.

JDRF for type 1 diabetes. Pregnancy info and downloadable Pregnancy Toolkit.

Dietary Advice / Dietary Supplements

 NHS choices. Have a healthy diet in pregnancy.

 NHS choices. Vegetarian and Vegan mums-to-be.

 NHS choices. Vitamins and Nutrition in Pregnancy.

 NHS choices. Dietary supplements in Pregnancy.

 Healthy Start (food and vitamin vouchers).

First Steps Nutrition. Making the most of Healthy Start vouchers.

RCOG Information leaflet. Healthy eating and vitamin supplements in pregnancy.

Need support for Domestic Abuse?

HS choices. Getting help for domestic violence.

 National domestic violence helpline.

 Women's Aid website. Support and information for Domestic Violence.

Information for Fathers and birth partners

Fatherhood Institute.  Guide for New Dads.

Dad info website.

Postnatal Depression - a survival guide for dads.

Action on postpartum psychosis.  Postpartum psychosis.  A guide for partners.

Miscarriage Association. Men and miscarriage leaflet.

NCT website. Being a new dad: juggling life as a new parent.

Fathers and breastfeeding NCT information sheet.

 NHS choices. Pregnancy, birth and beyond for dads and partners.

 NHS choices. Tips for birth partners.

 NHS choices. Testicular self examination film and information.

Exercise in pregnancy

 NHS choices. Exercise in Pregnancy.

'Tommy's' website. Staying active in pregnancy.

RCOG Information leaflet. Recreational exercise in pregnancy.

Fit and Safe: Exercise in the childbearing year.  Leaflet.

Find out more about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

 NSPCC FGM helpline.

 Statement opposing FGM for women to show to family members.  In 11 languages.

 Female Genital Mutilation.  The facts. Leaflet.

 Film about FGM. Abandon The Knife.

 Film about FGM.  The Silent Scream.

Immunisations for pregnant women

Immunisations in pregnancy leaflet. NHS.

 NHS choices. Flu jab in pregnancy.

 NHS choices. Whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy. 

NHS Scotland. Easy read leaflet. Whooping cough vaccine.  Important information for pregnant women.

Infections in pregnancy

 NHS choices.Infections in pregnancy that may affect your baby.

RCOG Information leaflet. Chicken pox and pregnancy.

RCOG Information leaflet. Genital herpes and pregnancy.

RCOG information leaflet. GBS.

RCOG leaflet. HIV and pregnancy.

 CMV Action website. Information about cytomegalovirus. 

 Group B Strep Support website.

Zika virus: Travel advice for pregnant women (1st March 2016).

Interacting with your baby before birth

Getting to know your baby website.  Bonding before birth.

 Begin before Birth website.

You or your partner have a Learning disability

Change people.org. Charity with training, advice and support for parents with learning difficulties.

Baby Buddy app.

Your Miscarriage. A leaflet with pictures.

NHS Scotland. Easy read leaflet. Whooping cough vaccine.  Important information for pregnant women.

Emotional and Mental health in pregnancy

NHS choices. Mental health problems and pregnancy.

 Support for self-harm (MIND).

 Anxiety and Panic attacks (MIND).

Information and support for other mental health issues (MIND).

 Finding local Psychological therapies (IAPT).

My Pregnancy and Birth Wellbeing Plan. Downloadable resource.

 PANDA (Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice and Support).

 Tommy's website. Mental wellbeing.

Support for Miscarriage and Stillbirth

 NHS choices. Miscarriage.

 The Miscarriage Association. Information, support and helpline.

 Miscarriage support for young people (Miscarriage Association).

Your Miscarriage. A leaflet with pictures.

Men and miscarriage leaflet.

RCOG Information leaflet. Recovering from surgical management of a miscarriage.

RCOG Information leaflet. Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy.

RCOG Information leaflet. Recurrent and late miscarriage; tests and treatment.

 Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

 Lullaby Trust website.

Lullaby Trust. Care of next infant (CONI) scheme leaflet.

 Bliss charity for babies born too soon, too small, too sick.

 Tommy's baby charity. Stillbirth and miscarriage support.

RCOG Information leaflet. When your baby dies before birth.

 Cruse Bereavement Care.

Baby's Movements

 Kicks Count website.

RCOG Information about baby's movements.

NHS leaflet about baby’s movements.

Pain in your Pelvis?

 Pelvic Partnership website. 

How can we improve care for women with Pelvic Girdle Pain?  leaflet.

Pelvic floor exercises and Perineal massage

 Physiotherapy and pelvic floor exercises film.

Personal training for your pelvic floor leaflet. RCM/CSP.

NCT Perineal massage.

Planning a pregnancy?

Family Planning Association. Planning a pregnancy?

Tommy's.  Planning a pregnancy?

Planning a pregnancy if you have epilepsy.

Pregnancy conditions

 NHS choices.Pregnancy conditions.

MAMA Academy. Pregnancy Conditions.

Pregnancy sickness support website.

 Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC) website.

APEC Information sheets for women.

 ICP website (obstetric cholestasis).

You are in or leaving Prison

 Birth Companions website. Support for pregnant prisoners and pregnant women on release from prison.

Smoking and Pregnancy

 NHS Smokefree website.

Smokefree Baby App. 

NHS choices. Stop smoking in pregnancy.

Mi-quit. Text-based support to quit smoking.

 NHS Smokefree. Protect your baby fromsecond-hand smoke.

 NCT stop smoking information.


Test your breath. Carbon Monoxide testin leaflet.

 RCOG Information leaflet. Smoking in Pregnancy leaflet.

Need Support with


 NHS choices.  Services and support for parents.


 Maternity Action website. Information for parents with immigration issues.

Housing, or

 Shelter - housing and homelessness charity.

 Citizens Advice. Housing.

Financial issues?

Healthy Start (food and vitamin vouchers).

'Making the most of Healthy Start vouchers'.

Links to national charities for information on income-related benefits, tax credits, Council Tax Reduction, Carer’s Allowance, Universal Credit and how your benefits will be affected if you start work or change your working hours.

 Citizens Advice: Benefits.

 The Money Advice Service - Help managing your money before and after the birth of your baby.

 Child Maintenance Options.  A Child Maintenance Decision Guide.

Need support for your Relationship?

 Relate website.

Prepare-Enrich couple relationship support.

Oneplusone relationships website.

PlusBaby. Evidence-based relationship support for new parents.

The Listening Room: Relationship Advice From Trained Counsellors.

Screening tests in pregnancy

Screening tests for you and your baby. Leaflet. 12 languages.

NHS choices. Screening in pregnancy.

NICE guidance. Information for the public.  Screening and tests.

You have experienced Sexual abuse

Roshni Ethnic Survivors Forum and Helpline for BME survivors of sexual abuse (Scotland).)

Support if you have experienced abuse (MIND).

National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

Substance misuse

NHS choices.  Illegal drugs in pregnancy.

Your baby is born through Surrogacy

Gov.UK. Surrogacy: legal rights of parents and surrogates.

If you're a Teenager

Best Beginnings Baby Buddy App.  

Miscarriage support for young people. Miscarriage Association. 

Brook: Contraception for under 25s. 

Lullaby Trust social network for young parents.

Bliss baby charity. Information and support for young parents.

Your Pelvic Floor. Leaflet for teenagers, by teenager.

You are the victim of Trafficking, a survivor of Torture, or are worried about Forced Marriage

 Gov.UK.  Support for victims of modern slavery (in 11 languages)

 Freedom from Torture - support for survivors of torture.

 Gov.UK.  Forced Marriage Unit

 The right to choose. Spotting the signs of forced marriage. Three short films by Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Forced Marriage.  A survivors handbook.

Travelling when pregnant

 NHS choices. Travelling in pregnancy. (Flying, immunisations, anti-malarial medication).

NHS Scotland. Fitfortravel – advice for pregnant travellers.

RCOG Information leaflet. Air travel and pregnancy.

Zika virus: Travel advice for pregnant women (1st March 2016).

NHS choices. Can I take anti-malaria medication if I’m pregnant? 

You are having Twins or more

The Multiple Births foundation. Feeding twins, triplets and more.

 Information for parents when twins share one placenta.

Multiple Births foundation. Resources for parents and professionals.  

Tamba - support for parents of multiples.

Tamba translation services. Helpline in 180 languages, written info in seven languages.

Weight management

NHS choices.  Overweight and pregnant.  

Tommy's website. Managing your weight in pregnancy.

Tommy's website. Staying active in pregnancy.

 Slimming World / RCM website.

RCOG Information leaflet.  Why your weight matters during pregnancy and after birth.

Working / employment

 Maternity Action website.

 NHS choices. Maternity and Paternity Benefits and leave.

Gov.UK. Maternity pay and leave.

Gov.UK. Pregnant employees rights.

Gov.UK. Maternity Allowance.

UNICEF leaflet - Breastfeeding at study or work.

Information and support for your birth

Birth / Parenting Preparation

 NHS choices. Find antenatal classes near you.

The Solihull approach. Online antenatal and parenting course.

 National Childbirth Trust antenatal classes (NCT).

 The Positive Birth Movement.

Writing a Birth Plan

 NHS choices. Your birth plan.

Caesarean birth

NHS choices. What is a caesarean birth like?  Short film.

NHS choices. Caesarean birth.

 NHS choices.Recovering from a caesarean section.

The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique. Academic article.

Choosing where to have your baby

NHS choices. Where to give birth.

Birthplace Decisions. Information booklet for women and  partners on planning where to give birth.

 Which? Birthplace tool.

Complementary therapies

RCMs position statement on complementary therapies.

 NHS choices. Are complementary therapies safe when you're pregnant?

 Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine website.

Induction of labour

 NHS choices.  Induction of labour.

Pain relief in labour

NHS choices. Pain relief in labour.

Labourpains.com. Information for women.

Having a Positive birth experience

Positive Birth Movement.

NCT.  Tips on encouraging a straightforward birth during labour

Optimal/Delayed cord clamping. #BloodToBaby

The Hypnobirthing Association.

Doula UK website.

Your baby is born Prematurely or is in Special Care

NHS choices, premature labour and birth.

Bliss charity for babies born premature or sick. Information for parents.

Skin-to-skin and kangaroo care with your premature baby (Bliss).

 A guide to expressing and breastfeeding your premature baby.

UNICEF - You and your baby. Supporting love and nurture on the neonatal unit.

VBAC and previous birth experiences

Vaginal birth after a caesarean (NCT).

RCOG Information leaflet.Birth after previous caesarean

RCOG Information leaflet. Shoulder dystocia.

Information and Support for after your Birth

Bed sharing/safe sleeping

 NHS choices. Reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Safer Sleep for Babies leaflet. A guide for Parents.

Lullaby Trust film.

 Lullaby Trust parent leaflet 'Safer Sleep for Babies' easy read.

UNICEF parents' leaflet 'caring for your baby at night'.

Infant Sleep App.


 NHS choices. Contraception.

Family Planning Association (FPA)

Brook: for under 25s

Exercise after pregnancy

NHS choices. Postnatal yoga exercise video. 

Fit and Safe: Exercise in the childbearing year. Leaflet.

NHS Wales. What is Separation of the Abdominal Muscles after Childbirth? Information and exercises.

Feeding your baby

NHS/UNICEF leaflet ‘Off to the best start'.

Breastfeeding your baby. Important information for new mothers. UK BFI leaflet.

The Breastfeeding Network. Breastfeeding Helplines.

Breastfeeding support in Bengali / Sylheti 0300 456 2421.

 Best Beginnings. From Bump to Breastfeeding. Short films about breastfeeding.

 NHS choices. Breastfeeding and alcohol. 

 UNICEF breastfeeding resources in 17 languages.  

 The Breastfeeding Network. Drugs in breastfeeding. 

 NCT ‘Reasons to be proud'. 

NCT ‘What’s in a nappy?’ How to know your baby is feeding well.

NHS choices. Bottle feeding your baby.

UNICEF.  A guide to infant formula for parents who are bottle feeding.

 Bliss. Skin-to-skin with your premature baby.

Immunising your baby

TB, BCG vaccine and your baby.  

 NHS vaccination schedule. 

NHS. A Guide to Immunisations up to one year of age.

NHS. A quick guide to childhood immunisations for the parents of premature babies.

NHS choices. Downloadable vaccination calendar planner.

 NHS Scotland. Easy read leaflet.  What to expect after immunisation. Babies and children up to 5 years.

Interaction with your baby after birth

Coping with crying. 

Building a Happy Baby: a guide for parents. UNICEF.

Getting to know your baby website.  

Words for Life - Talking to your baby.

Infant Sleep Information Source App.

 NHS choices. Getting to know your newborn.

 NHS choices. Washing and bathing your baby. 

You or your partner have a Learning Disability

Changepeople.org. Charity with training, advice and support for parents with learning difficulties.

 Baby Buddy app.

NHS Scotland. Easy read leaflet. What to expect after immunisation. Babies and children up to 5 years.

Local support after birth

 NHS choices. Services and support for parents.

 Find a local Children's Centre. 

 Local support for domestic abuse.

 Positive Birth Movement directory of free groups.

Your Mental Health after your birth 


 PANDA (Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice and Support).

 MIND. Support for self-harm.

 MIND. Anxiety and Panic attacks.

 MIND. Information and support for other mental health issues.

 Finding local Psychological therapies (IAPT).

 Tommy's website. Mental wellbeing.

 Postnatal Depression - a survival guide for dads.

 Postpartum psychosis. A guide for partners.

Recognising if your baby is unwell

 NHS choices. Does your child have a serious illness? 

RCOG Information leaflet. GBS infection in new-born babies.

Baby and child first aid app. British Red Cross.

What is Sepsis and how do I spot it? Information for parents. Sepsis Trust.

NHS choices. Newborn jaundice. 

Recovery after birth

 NHS choices. You and your body straight after the birth.

RCOG Information leaflet.  Shoulder dystocia

RCOG Information leaflet. A third or fourth degree tear during birth.

Safety at home

 Baby and toddler safety.

Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) website.

 NHS choices. How to help a choking child film.

St Johns Ambulance poster.5 ways you can save your baby’s life.

 St John's Ambulance #TheChokeables campaign.

 Good Egg Safety website on safe use of car seats.

 Fire Service. Fire safety in the home leaflet.

 Free fire home safety check information.

Smear testing / Breast screening / testicular self examination

 Be Breast Aware. NHS cancer screening leaflet. Available in many languages.

RCOG Information leaflet. Cervical smears and pregnancy.

Tongue tie

 NHS choices. Tongue tie.

 Association of Tongue tie practitioners.