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Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub for women

Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub for women

Welcome to the RCM Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub. 

We wanted to provide a safe place online for families having a baby to access information which is free from scare stories and based on good evidence.

Next to many of the links are symbols to give you more information about the links. 

Here’s what the symbols mean: 

 This link contains a film.
  This link has a telephone or live chat helpline.

   This link can help you to find support in your local area.

   This link can be translated online or is available in other languages*.

   This link will take you back to the top of the Hub.

Using the RCM Pregnancy and Birth Information Hub. 

There may be topics which interest you which we haven’t included. If what you need isn’t here, remember that you can ask your midwife, or talk to her if something you have read has worried you. 

Please note that the translation tool for NHS choices is in the top right of the screen (Translate▼)

Please note that the resources listed below will open in a new tab on your web browser. Please close down the tab to return to this page.

Click on the headings in blue below, which will reveal links that will take you to a menu of topics for each stage of pregnancy and becoming a parent. We hope that you find it useful. For any questions, please email publichealth@rcm.org.uk  

Information and Support for your Pregnancy



Alcohol and pregnancy
What to expect from your Antenatal Care


Cancer has affected your pregnancy
Dental health


Dietary Advice / Dietary Supplements
Need support for Domestic abuse?

Information for Fathers and birth partners

Exercise in pregnancy

Find out more about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Immunisations for pregnant women

Infections in pregnancy

Interacting with your baby before birth
You or your partner have a Learning disability

Emotional and Mental health in pregnancy

Support for Miscarriage and Stillbirth
Baby's Movements
Pain in your Pelvis?
Pelvic floor exercises and Perineal massage

Planning a pregnancy?


Pregnancy conditions

You are in or leaving Prison


Smoking and Pregnancy

Need Support with 



Housing, or

Financial issues?


Need support for your Relationship?
Screening tests in pregnancy
You have experienced Sexual abuse
Substance misuse
Your baby is born through Surrogacy
If you're a Teenager
You are the victim of Trafficking, a survivor of Torture, or are worried about Forced Marriage 
Travelling when pregnant
You are having Twins or more

Weight management
Working / employment





Information and support for your birth
Birth / Parenting Preparation

Writing a Birth Plan

Caesarean birth
Choosing where to have your baby
Complementary therapies

Induction of labour

Pain relief in labour

Having a Positive birth experience

Your baby is born Prematurely

or is in Special Care

VBAC and previous birth experiences


Information and Support for after your Birth

Bed sharing/safe sleeping


Exercise after pregnancy


Feeding your baby

Immunising your baby
Interaction with your baby after birth
You or your partner have a Learning
Local support after birth

Your Mental Health after your birth

Recognising if your baby is unwell


Recovery after birth

Safety at home

Smear testing / Breast screening /

testicular self examination

Tongue tie