Webinar series: race matters one year on.

There is clear evidence that in our culturally diverse communities, those who are born a colour other than white, who do not speak English as a first language, who have sought refuge from a life of fear and a yearning for a better life have a huge disadvantage in our healthcare systems and have higher rates of adverse events in their care, despite this there is hope. A year ago the RCM launched it's race matters campaign which is no longer a campaign but has been woven into all aspects of work. Throughout the past year the RCM has worked with staff and Activists to increase their confidence in having difficult conversations and empower them to recognise and challenging racism. The panel talks about the progress made in the past year, the training offered to Activists and staff and what the next steps are.


  • Sarah Richards, MSW Advocate and Steward, Queen Charlotte's And Chelsea Hospital
  • Suzanne Tyler, Executive Director, Services to Members, RCM
  • Zeenath Uddin, Head of Quality and Safety, RCM
  • Christine Walsh, MSW Advocate and Steward, St Mary’s Hospital Paddington

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