Midwives on the front line

This webinar provides members with a better understanding of the role of midwives in humanitarian settings and show solidarity with midwives around the world. Anna and Mim share her extraordinary experiences as midwives spotlighting the lives of women that are affected by compromised access to healthcare. Their stories from the realities of frontline humanitarian work, are a powerful reminder of the critical, life-giving work of midwives around the world. This webinar is in celebration of #IDM2022 celebrating 100 years of progress.

Arafin Happy Mim

Mim is a midwife in Bangladesh. She works with Save the Children in the Rohingya refugee camps.  She is also an executive board member of the Bangladesh Midwifery Society and an alumni of the RCM’s Young Midwife Leader development programme in Bangladesh.  She is current a leadership fellow with the International Nursing Now Leadership Challenge Fellowship. 

Anna Kent

Anna Kent has delivered babies in war zones, caring for the most vulnerable women in the most vulnerable places in the world. At twenty-six years old, not yet a fully-trained midwife, she delivered a baby in a tropical storm by the light of a headtorch; the following year, she would be responsible for the female health of 30,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. But returning to the UK to work for the NHS, she soon learned that even at home the right to a safe birth was impossible to take for granted. Anna has written a book about her experiences: Frontline Midwife: My Story of Survival and Keeping Others Safe published by Bloomsbury Publishing on 12 May 2022