Social media: what you need to know

Social media can be used for many positive aspects of your career highlighting successes, running campaigns and publicising the work you are doing. This webinar highlights the positives and pitfalls aand when the NMC may get involved. This webinar will focus on:

  • Safety on social media
  • What is appropriate or not
  • Impact on your career

NMC social media guidance

NMC Lets talk about social media


Session 1

  • Rosey Adams- founder of PND and Me
  • Michelle Cudjoe Director of Midwifery and Divisional Chief Nurse for Women and Children’s Services, Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust
  • Nimo Mohamud, student midwife
  • Adaline Smith, Head of Midwifery, Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust

Session 2

  • Sally Freeland, Regional Officer, RCM
  • Suzanne Miller, Regional Officer, RCM
  • Robert Murtagh, Organiser, RCM
  • Anthony Robinson, Assistant Director, Executive Team – FTP, NMC
  • Liz Stubbs, Regional Officer, RCM