The important relationship between research and midwifery practice

There is a symbiotic relationship between research and midwifery. 

Up to date evidence-based professional knowledge is what drives the very essence of safe midwifery practice. The ability to understand and critique research is an essential skill for student and qualified midwives as it allows us as practitioners to develop, enhance care and maintain the credibility of the profession. The RCM Student Midwife Forum (SMF) acknowledges that in order to develop as autonomous practitioners means to be competent in understanding the research. This webinar discusses the importance of research within the midwifery profession.


  • Lucy Richards (Chair) SMF member
  • Jenny Cunningham, Research Advisor, RCM
  • Judith Field, Research Advisor, RCM
  • Ashley Lai Thom Student Midwife, UCLAN – University of Central Lancashire
  • Dr Shawn Walker, Senior Research Fellow, Optibreech
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