Pre eclampsia and the heart

This recording demystifies what exactly pre-eclampsia is and its effects on the heart. . The panel discussed postnatal follow ups and the statistical incidence of cardiovascular disease in people who had been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia in pregnancy. The panel talked about learning the ways in which the risk of pre-eclampsia can be reduced and the physiology and science behind all these factors. This is an incredible opportunity to learn more about physiology and the complexity of the cardiovascular system. 


Essentials of preeclampsia

Heart disease in pregnancy focusing on complication of HDP (PET/GH)

How can midwives best support women with heart disease through pregnancy and beyond?


Beyond the heart: a midwifery perspective webinar

Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM)

UK Maternal Cardiology Society 


Anita Banerjee FHEA, FRCP, Obstetric Physician, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Anita  is an Obstetric Physician and Diabetes and Endocrinology Consultant. She is an Honorary Reader in Obstetric Medicine, at King’s College London and Deputy Director of Medical Education at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She is a trustee for APEC.  She is the Secretary of the MacDonald Obstetric Medicine Society. She is the co-educational lead for UK Maternal Cardiology Society and educational lead for the International Society of Obstetric Medicine. She is one of the central physician assessors for the UK Confidential maternal deaths enquiry and was part of the Ockenden review team. She has published articles, guidelines and book chapters on a wide variety of medical conditions in pregnancy. She is one of the leading authors of the RCP Acute Care Toolkit on managing acute medical problems in pregnancy.  She is on the steering committee for mMOET, as the lead advisor for medical problems in pregnancy. Her main interests are high risk pregnancies, the management of the deteriorating pregnant woman and education.@anitaobsmed 


Rebecca Jarman, Research Midwife, South London Clinical Research Network

Rebecca is a Research Midwife with the Clinical Research Network in South London and is Midwife Representative with the UK Maternal Cardiology Society. She is passionate about improving care and outcomes for women who experience heart disease during and as a result of pregnancy. @mwrebeccajarman

Jamie Kitt Consultant Cardiologist and General Physician OUH NHS Foundation trust and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow University of Oxford   

I am a consultant cardiologist and general internal medicine physician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust with speciality interests in Cardiac CT, advanced echo and obstetric cardiology. I also hold a post-doctoral research fellow role at the University of Oxford within the Leeson research group of RDM CV Medicine, working in the field of hypertensive pregnancy, having completed my D Phil and a BHF CRT-F in 2022 on the postpartum management of hypertensive pregnancy. twitter @jamiekitt2