The RCM Podcast: Race Matters

In this episode Gemma meets midwives from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds who bravely share their personal stories of how racism has impacted their midwifery careers, they speak of the challenges they’ve faced and how they have positively tackled and overcame racist behaviours in the workplace. Some of these midwives experienced racism from their colleagues others sadly from the pregnant women they were caring for and their stories need to be heard. Midwife Lola Onato also talks to Gemma about returning to her University to support diversity in student recruitment.

Gemma also speaks with Kathy Murphy Director of Midwifery at St Mary’s in Manchester and two midwives from her team who together with more midwifery colleagues have created a new book ‘With Women – A collection of Stories from Black and Asian Midwives’ aimed at increasing diversity in the midwifery workforce by sharing their personal journeys on how and why they became midwives.

This episode also includes an interview with the two women behind the grassroots campaign FIVEXMORE who continue to lobby and campaign to improve maternal and pregnancy outcomes for Black women. Gemma interviews co-founders Clo and Tunike to learn more about their maternity experiences as Black women, what drives them on, the training they have rolled out for all midwives and their plans for the future of the campaign

For anyone wanting to hear and learn more about why Race Matters more than ever in maternity services this is a must listen episode.

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uploaded: 22 June 2021