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Pay Infographics 2016 - Value of a midwife's pay.jpgThe NHS Staff Council and the NHS Pay Review Body are the two bodies that have a responsibility for NHS pay. The NHS Staff Council is the negotiating body for the Agenda for Change pay structure and terms and conditions of NHS staff. The RCM sits on the NHS Staff Council and has a seat on the executive of the NHS Staff Council. The NHS Pay Review Body is an independent body that determines annual pay uplifts for NHS staff. The RCM submits written and oral evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body every year.

If you have questions about the RCM’s work on NHS pay please contact Amy.Leversidge@rcm.org.uk.


Fair Pay Overdue

The RCM says that fair pay in the NHS is overdue! We are calling on the Government to end the policy of pay restraint in the NHS and ensure that funds are available for employers to pay a real terms increase. 

The pay of an average midwife has drop by over £6,000 since 2010 and with inflation increasing rapidly the value of pay is set to drop even further. There is currently a shortage of thousands midwives in the UK and the NHS needs to ensure that they pay enough to retain and recruit enough midwives to give high quality, safe care to women and their families. Investment in staff is an investment in high quality, safe care.

It is not enough to end the policy of pay restraint on paper – this must result in a real terms pay increase for NHS staff. The Government must reflect the change in policy in the remit they set for the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) and the Department of Health must make the case for a fully funded real-terms pay increase for NHS staff in the evidence they submit to the NHSPRB. Anything less will fundamentally damage employment relations in the NHS.

Midwives and maternity support workers work incredibly hard under increasingly challenging circumstances to give the best care to women and their families and all we are asking for is for you to be treated fairly in return. The RCM says that fair pay in the NHS is long overdue.

Get involved in the campaign:

Talk to Your MP - We would like RCM members to write to your MP and ask for a meeting to discuss pay. You can also download our Postcard to MPs or get one from your local Workplace Representative. We have prepared a document which gives the main arguments about why you need to be given a fair pay rise, you can email a copy to your MP or take it with you when you meet to make sure you cover the main points. Don’t worry – we know that meeting with your MP can be a little confusing if you haven’t done it before - we have also prepared a how to lobby your MP briefing for you about how to contact your MP and make a meeting with them. The briefing includes a list of MPs that we are particularly interested in speaking to. If you do contact your MP please let us know what they say by emailing Amy.Leversidge@rcm.org.uk or Stuart.Bonar@rcm.org.uk.

RCM Postcard

Change your profile picture to our Fair Pay Overdue logo - Download our logo and update your profile picture on social media and share it with your friends and family. This really helps to get the message out there that NHS staff need a pay rise!

Download the Fair Pay Overdue logo

Share our infographics on social media - we have produced some infographics for you to share on social media - this is important as it helps us spread the word about what has happened to your pay. We have shared these on Facebook and Twitter so you can share them from our pages or you can download them below. Keep your eyes on this page as we will produce more infographics over the coming months!

Wear a campaign badge/sticker - we have produced Fair Pay Overdue stickers and badges - you can get them from your local Workplace Rep so you can wear yours with pride!

Keep visiting this page - we will keep updating it with more information.


RCM writes to the Prime Minister about pay restraint

The RCM, and other NHS trade unions, have written to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, calling her to end the policy of pay restraint in the NHS. You can read the letter here. You can also read a blog about the letter here.



NHSPRB to visit NHS organisations - Summer 2017

Pay Infographics 2016 - Drop in pay.jpg


Every year the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) visits individual organisations to talk directly to staff about their pay. Along with the written and oral evidence submitted by the RCM and other NHS trade unions in the autumn this is a good opportunity to influence the NHSPRB and voice midwives’, maternity support workers’ and other NHS staffs’ concerns. We have prepared a briefing for RCM members who work at the organisations to give you some key points from our last round of evidence.

Click here to read the briefing for RCM members, NHS Pay Review Body Visits


RCM Evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body

Pay Infographics 2016 - Pay Claim.jpgThe RCM submits evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body every year.  Our evidence includes the results of our annual survey of Heads of Midwifery. We submit initial evidence to the Pay Review Body and supplementary evidence which gives comments on others’ evidence and answers specific questions from the Pay Review Body. Additionally, at times the Government will ask the NHS Pay Review Body to conduct other reviews of pay. You can view our evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body by clicking on the links below.


Please note there was no formal evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body in 2014 because the Department of Health stood the Pay Review Body down which resulted in the 2014 NHS pay dispute.

Pay rates

To view the current pay rates please:

click here for England

click here for Scotland

click here for Wales


Defending Agenda for Change: Guidance for RCM Workplace Representatives

To read our Defending Agenda for Change document, please click here


RCM Agency Spending Report

In January 2016 the RCM published research about agency spending in the NHS in England from 2012-2014. To view the report click here. 

In October 2016 the RCM published a report about agency, bank and overtime spending on midwives in England in 2015. To read the report click here


Why Midwives Leave - Revisted

In October 2016 the RCM published findings of our survey of the reasons midwives have left midwifery or are intending to leave midwifery. To read the report click here


Pay Campaign 2014/15

For more information about our successful pay campaign in England in 2014/15 that led to the RCM taking industrial action for the first time in our 134 year history please click here.

RCM Pay And Agenda - March 2018 

The pay framework agreement covers pay rises and reforms to Agenda for Change. To download please click here.