Women in Wales can now take abortion pills at home

By Rob Dabrowski on 29 June 2018 Abortion Wales Welsh Government

The Welsh government has today (29 June) announced a change in the law to allow women to take the second abortion pill at home.

Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething revealed the news after the plans were announced in April this year.  

Helen Rogers, RCM director for Wales, said: ‘This is a sensible and practical move by the Welsh Government. It enables women to have more choice and control over their own reproductive health and wellbeing.

‘It is a welcome announcement that will make a significant difference to women using these services.’

The change means women will get both medicines at the same consultation and will be able to take the second tablet (Misoprostol) which induces miscarriage, in their own home, rather than having to travel back to a clinic to take it.

More than three-quarters of abortions in Wales (77.8%) are medical, rather than surgical procedures.

The news comes after Scottish ministers enacted a similar change last year.