Twins, triplets and more week

By Julie Griffiths on 02 July 2018 Tamba Multiple Birth

The charity Tamba is using ‘Twins, triplets and more week’, running from 2 to 9 July 2018, to highlight its Helping Hands project for families of multiples in crisis.

Tamba (the Twins and Multiple Births Association) runs a crisis service called Helping Hands in conjunction with Norland College and Agency to provide specialist practical help in the home to families with twins, triplets and higher multiples.

During the week, the charity aims to reach out to families of multiples to assure them they are not alone and if they are in crisis to get in touch. 

Crisis could have occurred as a result of parental bereavement, bereavement of a child, serious medical conditions, severe postnatal depression or mental health issue or extreme parenting challenges.
Support from Helping Hands is individually tailored to meet each family’s need and can include help with feeding, weaning, sleep, behaviour, getting out and about and establishing a routine. 

Tamba CEO Keith Reed said: ‘Helping Hands is a unique service that has been running for four years. It can serve as a lifeline for families of multiples in crisis when otherwise they’d have nowhere else to turn. 

‘We want to work with healthcare professionals to ensure that families with twins, triplets and more that are in urgent need get the support they so desperately need.’

More information is available here.