Pay increase offer for Scotland

By Rob Dabrowski on 25 June 2018 Scotland Midwives NHS Pay and Agenda For Change

Midwives and MSWs in Scotland are set to receive at least a 9% pay rise over the next three years. 

The increase, announced today (25 June), is the highest NHS pay uplift being offered in the UK.

The proposals would see about 147,000 NHS Agenda for Change staff benefit from a pay uplift, linked to an examination of potential reforms to some terms and conditions.

The offer is subject to agreement by NHS unions and the RCM will be consulting its members in Scotland on the agreement, with the results of the consultation expected in mid-August.  

The member-elected RCM board is backing the offer and recommends that members accept it.
Emma Currer, RCM Scotland lead negotiator, said: ‘This is a good deal for our midwife and MSW members. It will see them getting a real increase in their pay across all the pay bands after years of pay freezes and stagnation.
‘This is something the RCM and other unions have been fighting for. This is a good deal and one that we believe is the best that can be achieved in the current economic climate.
‘However, we also see this as the starting point for better pay for NHS staff, not the end point. We will be opening a consultation with our members on this very soon. I would encourage members to respond to this and it is a deal that I encourage our members to accept.’
The deal would mean most staff seeing overall pay increases of a minimum 9% cumulative over three years, covering 2018-19 to 2020-21.
Other key elements of the agreement would mean increased starting salaries for all pay bands and quicker progress through each pay band. 

Scotland’s health secretary Shona Robison said: ‘Our NHS is built on the dedication and hard work of healthcare staff up and down the country. They are our health service’s beating heart, and I’m proud to be offering them this significant pay rise in recognition for the work they do caring for the people of Scotland.’