New pay offer announced for NHS staff in Wales

By Julie Griffiths on 05 July 2018 NHS Wales Wales Pay and Agenda For Change

Health secretary for Wales Vaughan Gething has announced a new pay offer for midwives, MSWs and all other NHS staff in the country.

Similar to the recent pay deal in England, the new offer in Wales means staff will progress through the pay bands and reach the top of each band quicker, as the number of increments will be reduced.  

The pay offer includes investment in higher starting salaries for staff in every pay band by reforming the pay system to remove overlapping pay points.  

There’s also a commitment to fair basic pay awards and faster pay progression for the next three years to those staff who are not yet on the top of their pay band.  

A guarantee of fair basic pay awards for the next three years has also been offered to staff who are at the top of pay bands.  

The minimum basic pay rate in the NHS and the lowest starting NHS salary increases to £18,005 in 2020-21.  

RCM director for Wales Helen Rogers said: ‘This is a good deal for our members. Over the past number of months the RCM has worked hard with other NHS unions and the Welsh Government to negotiate and secure the best possible deal for midwives and maternity workers in Wales.  

‘Today’s offer is long overdue. Midwives and MSWs work tirelessly everyday to deliver safe high-quality care to mothers and babies in Wales and it is only fair that they are rewarded fairly for the care they deliver.’  

Helen added that the RCM will now consult with its members in Wales, provide more information and encourage them to engage with the RCM on this important pay consultation process.