New guidance on reproductive health and pregnancy

By Julie Griffiths on 01 August 2018 Reproductive Health Public Health England Reproductive Choices

Public Health England has published a professional resource on healthy pregnancy planning and reproductive choices.

The guidance Health matters: reproductive health and pregnancy planning focuses on effective contraception and ensuring that pregnancy, if desired, occurs at the right time and with optimal health.

Diet, supplements, smoking and alcohol are all highlighted as crucial topics that the whole population should know about even if they aren’t considering pregnancy any time soon.

While midwives often only get to see women once they are pregnant, there is a section in the guidance on inter-pregnancy health, which should be of particular interest. It includes a case study that reveals almost half of women on a postnatal ward would prefer contraception provision on the ward.

There is also a section on postnatal advice and pregnancy planning, as well as further resources and infographics.

The guidance highlights how all health professionals should ‘take opportunities to “make every contact count” for contraception and preconception care including at cervical screening, pregnancy testing and postnatal appointments’.

Access the full guidance here.