Cancer and pregnancy awareness week

By Hollie Ewers on 11 June 2018 Cancer

Running this week from 11 to 17 June is the fifth annual awareness week for cancer and pregnancy.

Launched by the charity Mummy’s Star, the week highlights how approximately one in 1000 pregnancies (more than 600 women a year) will see a cancer diagnosis.

The charity is hoping to raise more awareness among both members of the public and health professionals.

Founder and CEO of Mummy’s Star Pete Wallroth said: ‘Knowledge of cancer and pregnancy is so vital so that early signs are not missed or mistaken as something to do with a woman’s pregnancy.

‘There is common thought that because during pregnancy, women are tested, prodded and poked more than any other time of their lives, it should be easy to pick up cancer but this sadly isn’t the case, as these latest stats and our own clearly show.

‘During Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week, our campaign will show the reality of what our mums go through when they are diagnosed, but also one of celebration of these amazing women and how they manage to juggle being pregnant/a new mum with rigorous treatments and surgeries.’

As part of the week, the charity will be sharing five stories from different mums over five days to help illustrate what they go through when diagnosed during what should otherwise be a joyful time for most families.

Access the stories here.