Latest MIDIRS packs on COVID-19 and the midwife

Covid-19 MIDIRS

Latest MIDIRS records on the impact of COVID-19 on midwives, student midwives, maternity support workers and other health care professionals is now available. Here are the latest updates (26th April 2021):

P200 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) in pregnancy

Records on Coronavirus (COVID-19) in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Includes choice and accessibility of maternal health services.

PN193 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the infant

Includes coronavirus symptoms and infection in infants, Kawasaki disease-like symptoms in children, vertical disease transmission, infant feeding, infant development following infection, safeguarding infants and children during the pandemic.

M95 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the midwife

Records on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on midwives, student midwives, maternity support workers and other health care professionals. Includes mental health and well-being, occupational health and safety specifically related to the current pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE), changes in working hours and practice, retention, recruitment and redeployment of midwives, impact on midwifery education etc.

L69 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Labour, delivery and intrapartum care

Records on the impact of COVID-19 on labour, delivery and intrapartum care. Includes material on mode of delivery, birth partners, support in labour, place of birth, choice and availability of maternal health services, and policies in labour wards and birthing facilities during the coronavirus pandemic.

PN194 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) -Postnatal health and care

Records on the impact of COVID-19 on the health and care of women and their families in the postnatal period. Includes the transition to parenthood and experiences of new parents during the pandemic.

MS74 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Parliamentary questions

Parliamentary questions from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales on all aspects of coronavirus (COVID-19). Includes records on pregnancy and antenatal care, labour and birth, the postnatal period, infancy, the effects of coronavirus on the midwife and other health care professionals, and the provision of maternal health services. For other types of material (eg: original research, journal articles, reviews, news items etc) see the relevant coronavirus search pack: Pregnancy (P200); Labour (L69); Coronavirus and the midwife (M95); Infant care (PN193); Postnatal health and care (PN194).