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Our RCM Branches - Celebrating your Success!

Nick Child, Senior Organiser (Networks)
23 January, 2018

Our RCM Branches - Celebrating your Success!

We certainly ended last year on a high and we are pleased to say that as we are well into 2018 your RCM is bigger and stronger than ever! This is a result of the strong commitment and excellent work of our Branch Officers, Workplace Representatives, MSW Advocates as well as our Members who together have contributed to making our RCM Branches more active than ever.

There are over 200 RCM Branches across all four countries in the UK. Their purpose is to promote and advance excellence in midwifery practice and policy by enabling members to meet together locally for trade union, professional, educational and social purposes. They undertake activities such as addressing workplace issues, hosting learning events, supporting members to attend RCM Conferences, celebrating midwifery locally and supporting our members at work.

In 2017, after a year of successful campaigns and over 700 workplace engagement events which our RCM Branches were key in organising, we now have the highest level of membership ever recorded!  The success of these campaigns and everything we do to promote, support and influence midwifery and the whole maternity team only happens because of your collective efforts and commitment. So we want to express our sincere thanks for doing all you do. For 2018 hot on the heels of MSW Month we will be making plans for International Day of the Midwife #IDM2018 as well as our extensive programme of professional events and study days at a national, regional and local level.

We will also have had our RCM Branch AGM season in January, where the focus will have been the election of Branch Officers and our Workplace Representatives who support you, as well as making plans for more exciting events which will benefit you over the year.

Get Involved!

If you have never been involved with your local RCM Branch or attended one of their meetings or events then do get involved, we are not here just to represent the interests of our members at work but also to support and organise exciting events, study days and conferences that will help develop you and make the most of every aspect of the job you do.

For members, do speak to your RCM Representatives or look for information on your RCM workplace noticeboard for more information or to get involved. If you are not sure who they are you can find out via RCM Connect 24 hours a day on Freephone 0300 303 0444.

Support for our activists

As RCM activists do speak to your RCM National/Regional Officer or Organiser for any support with your activities over the year, their role is to support you and your members in the workplace and if you are not familiar with who they are then arrange some time for a workplace visit to discuss the support we provide.

Please also remember to complete your New Branch Officer Forms and Annual Branch Reviews so we can support you with ongoing activities in your Trust or Board. It is important that we are aware of the election of new roles and what your plans are so that we can work with you to support another successful year of activity in your local workplaces. These forms, the Branch Governance Handbook and many other information and communication resources to promote and raise the profile of your Branch activities here

We look forward to working with you to make 2018 the best and most successful year for the RCM yet!

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