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Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative

25 May, 2017

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative

The School of Health Sciences at City, University of London has been awarded a Certificate of Commitment.

This is its first step towards gaining international recognition from the Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) for a high standard of education in breastfeeding provided to health visiting students.

Specifically awarded to the Public Health Programme within the school, the certificate will be presented to staff and students at the end of May.

Rosemary Marx, BFI lead for the programme, said: ‘We decided to work with the Baby Friendly Initiative to ensure a high standard of education in breastfeeding for all student health visitors graduating from this course. 

‘We know that many women give up breastfeeding before they want to because of difficulties which could have been prevented if skilled help had been on hand. By ensuring that our students are fully skilled in how to help a mother breastfeed her child, more women will be able to breastfeed their babies for longer.’

The Baby Friendly Initiative, set up by Unicef and the WHO, is a global programme which provides a practical and effective way for health services to improve the care provided for all mothers and babies.

The Baby Friendly University Award was launched in the UK in 2008 – the first such award anywhere in the world – in order to ensure high standards of education in breastfeeding and relationship building are incorporated into midwifery and public health education programmes.

The Certificate of Commitment recognises that a university is dedicated to implementing recognised best practice standards in breastfeeding education, and is part way along the road to full Baby Friendly Accreditation.

For more information on the Baby Friendly Initiative, click here

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