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The Safer Pregnancy Wales campaign

10 April, 2017

The Safer Pregnancy Wales campaign

Midwives are at the centre of the Safer Pregnancy Wales campaign, which highlights the importance of keeping healthy to reduce the risk of stillbirth.

The initiative is a collaboration between a Public Health Wales and the Wales Maternity Network.

The year-long campaign highlights that there are a number of lifestyle choices that pregnant women can make to help them have a safer pregnancy for both mother and baby. 

The key messages for expectant mothers are to stay active, eat well and attend appointments.

Chief nursing officer for Wales Professor Jean White said she was pleased to support the campaign because it provided much-needed advice. 

‘We need to reduce the number of stillbirths in Wales and start the difficult conversation about what lifestyle choices have an immediate impact on the risks,’ she said.
The campaign will also encourage pregnant women to speak to their midwife about how to prevent infections during pregnancy, the importance of understanding their baby’s normal movements and anything else that’s worrying them such as feeling low or depressed. 

Each new expectant mother in 2017 will receive these messages on a folder that holds their appointment notes.

Vaughan Gething, cabinet secretary for health, well-being and sport, said that pregnancy was an opportunity for professionals giving advice and support about lifestyle choices. 

‘Knowing the right things to do, to protect a mother and her growing child, are essential to support individuals make informed choices which affect future generations,’ he said. 

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