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Staff are the ‘shock absorbers’ of the NHS

20 July, 2017

Staff are the ‘shock absorbers’ of the NHS

A new briefing says that NHS staff have become the shock absorbers of an NHS under chronic strain.

The claim comes in Behind Closed Doors, which is published today (21 July) by The Point of Care Foundation.

It argues that the hard truths learned through the Francis Inquiry are in danger of being forgotten in light of unprecedented service pressures. 

The foundation calls on organisations to prioritise staff experience and strengthen efforts to protect staff from stress and burnout.
The briefing says only one in two staff feel their NHS employer values them and their work, and 2% of health and social care staff suffer work-related stress, anxiety and depression, compared to 1.2% of the overall UK workforce.

Cathy Warwick, RCM chief executive, said: ‘This report deserves attention. Everything in it is directly reflected in the work that the RCM has carried out with our own members – midwives and MSWs.
‘Successive surveys show that midwives are finding it hard to cope with the increasing pressures placed on them and more and more are either voting with their feet or suffering from stress and anxiety.’

She concluded: ‘This report echoes what the RCM has been saying for years, that investment in staff is an investment in high-quality, safe care.
‘We must act now if the public is to get the care they deserve.’

The report will be published on the foundation's website. For more information, click here.

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