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RCM backs campaign to remain

19 April, 2016

RCM backs campaign to remain


EU flag Credit: Shutterstock

The RCM today (19 April) announced its support for remaining in the EU, ahead of the membership referendum in June.

It believes the EU protects and supports important safeguards both for the midwifery profession and the public.

It also has a vital role to play in ensuring decent and safe working conditions, and ensures a vibrant economy that allows the Government to invest in the NHS.

The RCM argues that being part of the EU has led to better working conditions, and will ensure these remain in place.

Cathy Warwick, RCM chief executive, said: ‘We are laying out to our members why we think it is important that we remain part of the EU.

‘I believe midwifery in the UK is stronger for it, I believe patient care is safer because of it and I believe working conditions are better as a result of it.

‘To me, the benefits of staying in and the risks of leaving are both crystal clear. Staying in is better for the NHS, it is better for women, and it is better for midwives. We are better off in.’

EU benefits include equal pay for women, a guarantee that pregnant women get paid time off to attend antenatal appointments, minimum holiday entitlements, maternity rights and protection for those working part-time.

As long as the UK remains in the EU, these are rights that UK governments cannot take away.

Remaining in the EU also helps to maintain safety in the NHS and promotes high standards among healthcare professionals, states the RCM.

There are over 33,000 midwives and nurses from other EU countries working in the NHS.

EU rules mean that they must have training and skills equal to UK trained staff. This helps to ensure high standards and good quality care in our NHS.

Healthcare colleagues from across the EU also help to fill the vacancies on our maternity units and wards.

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