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Pay restraint to continue for seventh year

28 March, 2017

Pay restraint to continue for seventh year

The NHS pay review body has recommended the 1% pay cap be extended for another financial year, until April 2018.

The recommendation was made today (28 March) in report issued by the National Health Service Pay Review Body (NHSPRB). 

The RCM has spoken out against the decision and branded it a ‘disastrous policy’.
Jon Skewes, RCM director for policy, employment relations and communications, said: ‘It is extremely disappointing that the government is continuing with it’s disastrous policy of pay restraint for a seventh year. 

‘While we welcome that both the Scottish and Welsh governments will give a slightly higher award to lower paid staff we want to see an inflationary increase given to all staff.
‘As a result of below-inflation increases for the past seven years midwives have seen their pay drop in value by over £6000 since 2010; it is unsustainable for this to continue.’
He continued: ‘When almost every professional group in the NHS has a shortage of staff, as midwifery does, the government need to intervene now to retain much-needed staff before it is too late. 

‘The decision by the government to continue with pay restraint in the NHS is reckless in the extreme given the current shortage of staff and the two staffing crises that are looming on the horizon, namely the introduction of tuition of fees for new midwifery and nursing students and the uncertain future of staff from other EU countries. 

‘The government needs to take notice of the evidence that the RCM, and other NHS trade unions put to the NHS Pay Review Body and show they understand the seriousness of the staffing crisis in the NHS and work to retain existing NHS staff in the service.’
To access full NHSPRB report, click here.

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