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Midwives to head to Tanzania for WaterAid

7 January, 2016

Midwives to head to Tanzania for WaterAid

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Credit: WaterAid/ Anna Kari

As part of WaterAid’s Deliver Life appeal, two midwives from Liverpool Women’s Hospital will be helping to deliver babies in Tanzania.

Delia Jepson and Cheryl Stanley will be leaving for Tanzania this Saturday (9 January) and will be helping out at Kiomboi Hospital, where there is no running water and midwives have to rely on buckets of water.

The Deliver Life appeal is highlighting that no mothers should have to give birth without clean water and aims to reach 130,000 mothers and their families around the world with safe water.

At Kiomboi Hospital, Delia and Cheryl will be working shifts alongside the Tanzanian midwives, gaining hands-on experience into how challenging it can be for midwives to provide a safe environment for mothers and babies when there is no running water.

On a typical morning, Delia and Cheryl’s first duty will be to fill the buckets that line the ward with water to last throughout the day.

As they work, they will have to wash their hands between patients by pouring out a small teapot of water.

New mothers usually have to take their first wash after giving birth in water fetched from a nearby river.

Delia said: ‘I am feeling very excited about the trip but also very nervous, as I don’t really know what to expect.

‘Clean water is the most important thing that midwives need to have to make sure that the mothers and babies are safe.’

In the weeks following the midwives’ visit, WaterAid will transform life at the hospital by installing a clean and reliable water supply, installing safe toilets and working with staff to improve hygiene practices.

WaterAid rely on donations and every £1 donated to the Deliver Life appeal, up to 10 February, will be doubled by the UK government.

For more information about the Deliver Life campaign, visit WaterAid’s website.


Pictured: The hand washing basin in the labour ward at Kiomboi Hospital, Iramba, Tanzania

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