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Maximum midwife supervisees has risen

21 April, 2017

Maximum midwife supervisees has risen

The new supervisory system for midwives in England has seen the maximum number of midwives that a supervisor can support increase from 15 to 20.

And the new system has suggested the use of 'sessional' staff to provide supervision without extra payment.

The previous system, which was overseen by the NMC, recommended a maximum ratio of one midwifery supervisor to 15.
From 1 April, statutory supervision was revoked, after legislation changed.
In its place, a new system developed by NHS England, called the Advocating for Education and Quality Improvement (A-EQUIP) model, is being brought in.

The guidance published by NHS England has said that, under the new model, supervisors – to be be known as professional midwifery advocates (PMAs) – should be responsible for between five and 20 midwives.

In addition, the guidance suggests PMAs may work on a 'sessional basis'. These would be staff who provide supervision but are not employed full time in that role and receive no extra pay.

It will be up to employers to decide the details of implementation. 

Under the new model, two parts to the job of supervisor have been removed. 

Supervisors would now no longer be responsible for investigating midwives and they will no longer be required to give such intensive support to women by being available 24/7.

The RCM has said it will monitor the move from statutory to non-statutory to ensure the system is working for midwives. 

For more information on the A-EQUIP model, click here.

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