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'Breastfeeding can help prevent diabetes'

30 December, 2015

'Breastfeeding can help prevent diabetes'

New evidence indicates that breastfeeding could play a role in preventing diabetes.

Early results from a Canadian study suggest that it can reduce the risk for mothers and their babies.

A team from the University of Manitoba studied 334,553 deliveries over a 24-year period.

A total of 60,088 of the births were to mothers from indigenous communities, where rates of gestational diabetes are up to three times higher than among non-indigenous mothers.

Breastfeeding was recorded in 56% of indigenous mothers and 83% of non-indigenous mothers.

The researchers found that breastfeeding was associated with a 14% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes among indigenous mothers, and a 23% reduced risk among non-indigenous mothers.

Overall, they found a 18% lower risk among all children, regardless of ethnicity.

The study was presented at the World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver in December. Click here for more information.



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