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Baby boxes for Scotland

16 August, 2017

Baby boxes for Scotland

All babies born in Scotland will now receive a baby box full of items aimed at promoting their health and tackling inequality.

Each baby box contains practical items and the box itself doubles up as a crib and provides a safe sleep space for the baby.

Mark McDonald, minister for childcare and early years, said: ‘We are committed to doing everything we can to give every baby born in Scotland the best possible start in life and the baby box is just one of the range of measures we are using to help babies and parents thrive in the crucial early months.’

Mary Ross-Davie, RCM director for Scotland, said the RCM has supported the Scottish government’s baby box initiative since it was announced early this year. 

‘We have done so because we believe it is a positive public health initiative that has the potential, through it's universalist approach, to make a contribution to the reduction of inequalities at the start of a baby’s life,’ she said.
‘The box provides a safe sleeping space, which we hope will reduce the incidence of babies sleeping in unsafe environments, such as on sofas or for long periods in car seats or bouncy chairs.
‘The contents of the box give parents information and practical resources to support safe sleeping; talk, play and read with their baby; carry their baby using a sling and recognise if their baby has a temperature and if the baby’s room and bath are the right temperature.’
Mary added: ‘It will be important that the implementation of the baby box scheme is well evaluated to understand parents’ and professionals’ responses to the box over time and to monitor their impact on health outcomes. This evaluation might well lead to possible changes to the contents over time.’

For more information on the scheme, click here.

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