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‘End seven years of pay restraint’

4 July, 2017

‘End seven years of pay restraint’

The RCM has today (4 July) joined other NHS trade unions to discuss the public sector pay crisis.

The RCM, along with many other unions, has voiced serious concerns about the government’s failure to confirm that it will allow the Pay Review Body (PRB), without interference, to fully fund the recommendations.
All NHS unions have agreed that another year of pay restraint for midwives and all healthcare professionals is unfair and will cause lasting damage to the NHS workforce and the patients they care for.
Jon Skewes, RCM director for policy, employment relations and communications, said: ‘The RCM is today once again joining with our NHS trade union colleagues to call on the government to end seven years of pay restraint for not only midwives, but all NHS workers.
‘As a result of below-inflation increases for the past seven years, midwives have seen their pay drop in value by over £6000 since 2010; it is unsustainable for this to continue. The RCM has previously warned that this is a disastrous and unsustainable decision for maternity services and the NHS.
‘When almost every professional group in the NHS has a shortage of staff, as midwifery does, the government needs to intervene now to retain much-needed staff before it is too late.’ 
He concluded: ‘Today the RCM and NHS trade unions repeat their offer to the secretary of state to listen to the PRB’s recommendations and to work collaboratively with us to address the pay crisis and the hardship faced by not only RCM members, but all hardworking NHS staff.’

The government has said its position on public sector pay has not changed and ministers will respond to pay review bodies in due course.

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