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‘A defining moment for Scotland’

20 January, 2017

‘A defining moment for Scotland’

Pregnant women in Scotland will have continuity of carer from a primary midwife, says a landmark report.

The best start - a five year forward plan for maternity and neonatal care in Scotland is published today (20 January). 

The 134-page report is based around 76 recommendations for maternity services.

The report says CS should only be offered for clinical reasons.

It also says that integrated team care for women, babies and families will, over time, take place in local community ‘hubs’.

The RCM has thrown its weight behind the report, which is a vision for the future planning, design and safe delivery of high-quality maternity and neonatal services.

Mary Ross-Davie, RCM director for Scotland, called the report ‘very welcome’ and said it has the RCM’s full support.
‘This is a defining moment for maternity services in Scotland and will be a seismic shift for our maternity services,' she said. 

‘The plan has the potential to revolutionise maternity care, to deliver safer and better services for women, babies and their families, and to improve the health of our population.
'What is so important is that this puts women and their families at the centre of care. The focus on continuity of care and carer – that is the woman seeing the same midwife or small group of midwives – is very welcome. 

‘There is very strong evidence that better continuity of care leads to better outcomes for the mother and baby.’
She also welcomed the move towards community-based services and the focus on improving the care of those in deprived communities and those with mental health problems.
Cathy Warwick, RCM chief executive, added: ‘This plan will shape the future of maternity services for women, babies and their families in Scotland and the Scottish government must be applauded for this.
‘Its vision is bold and its potential to make a real difference to the health of mothers and babies and their experience of pregnancy is far reaching.’

To read the full report, click here

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