RCM Scotland calls for resources to be targeted at most vulnerable pregnant women

on 25 November 2020 NHS Staff Maternity Services Midwifery Scotland RCM Scotland NHS Scotland Public Health

We must target resources towards Scotland’s most vulnerable pregnant women says the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) responding to new Scottish hospital birth statistics.  The RCM also says a national effort is needed to tackle deprivation and improve public health and wellbeing in pregnant women and the wider population.

Dr Mary Ross-Davie, Director for Scotland at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “Pregnant women in our more deprived communities face a double-whammy threat to their health. Obesity levels are higher in these communities, and both deprivation and obesity can increase problems in pregnancy for the mother and her baby. It’s crucial that we target resources towards these women to improve their health, because it will pay massive dividends for them and the health of their babies, long into adulthood. I am also concerned about the rising caesarean rate and we need to find out why it is rising.

The figures from Public Health Scotland show that the number of caesarean births, and mothers who are overweight or obese, are at record levels in Scotland.

Mary Ross-Davie added, “The fall in smoking in pregnancy, stillbirths and more women attending their first appointment within twelve weeks is great news. We need to build on these achievements and act decisively to tackle Scotland’s other public health fires. This will mean more investment to tackle widespread poverty in Scotland and in services, including maternity, that can contribute positively to improving public health’"


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The Public Health Scotland statistics can be read at https://beta.isdscotland.org/find-publications-and-data/population-health/births-and-maternity/births-in-scottish-hospitals/.


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