Women should get birth pain relief that is right for them says  RCM on new research

on 21 July 2020 RCM Midwives Waterbirth Pain relief Research Women's Choice

Women should get the pain relief that is right for them says the Royal College of Midwives  responding to new research on pain relief in childbirth.

Zeenath Uddin, Head of Quality and Safety at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “Every woman is different, and every birth is unique; what is important is that you get the pain relief that is right for you. Your midwife will discuss your options around pain relief and support to manage any pain ahead of the birth. This will include pain relief such as injections, tablets and Entonox, and ways to manage the pain including relaxation and distraction techniques, massage, and water birth.”

The research from Cambridge University found that women who do not need pain relief during childbirth may be carriers of a key genetic variant that acts a natural epidural.  The study will be published today in the journal Cell Reports.

Zeenath Uddin added: “Midwives will ensure you are getting all the available information during your pregnancy when it comes to pain control and birthing techniques, so you can make the choices that are right for you.”


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