‘Ludicrous’ says RCM that midwives still paying Immigration Health Surcharge

By ‘Ludicrous’ says RCM that midwives still paying Immigration Health Surcharge on 02 July 2020 Midwives RCM Midwifery Maternity Services NHS Government

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has today expressed its anger and frustration that, six weeks on from the Prime Minister promising that NHS staff from overseas would be exempt from the Immigration Health Surcharge, they are still paying the £400 levy.

Commenting, RCM’s Head of Health and Social Policy, Sean O’ Sullivan says: “It’s absurd that the government is continuing to charge midwives and other NHS workers a health surcharge when they are staffing our NHS in the midst of a global pandemic. Given the vacancy rates right across the NHS the Government should be doing all it can to support those willing to come from other countries to deliver healthcare not charging them, particularly during the current crisis.

The RCM says currently this surcharge is payable by healthcare professionals who come from outside of the European Economic Area.

Sean added:

“There are midwives from Australia and Canada for example that are delivering care to women and their babies’ day in and out who are still paying this health surcharge. That is why we are asking the government to share their plans on how they intend to refund our members and all NHS staff who have been burdened with this levy for far too long.”


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