Lessons to be learnt says RCM on One to One Midwives collapse investigation announcement

on 09 October 2019 NHS England One to One Midwives Independent Midwives Learning

An independent investigation into the collapse of the One to One Midwives company will be commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement North West Region.T

The investigation follows a call by the Royal College of Midwives for an investigation when One to One Midwives company went into administration at the end of July.

Commenting, Gill Walton, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, said: “I am pleased to see NHS England take this step and that they accepted our recommendation that it be an independent inquiry. This will not unfortunately help those women affected by the collapse of One to One Midwives company nor the midwives and other staff who lost jobs. It must have been an incredibly difficult and stressful time for them all and I am sure they are still feeling the effects of this.

“The focus at the time of the collapse was rightly on ensuring women affected received support and the safe and high quality care they needed. And also that One to One Midwives company staff were supported and offered alternative jobs.

“I hope that through this investigation lessons can be learnt so that steps can be taken to prevent something similar from happening again. We need to have robust systems in place to prevent other women, families and midwives from facing a situation like this. The RCM will cooperate and support the investigation in any way it can working with NHS England, NHS Improvement and the independent investigators.”

“The RCM has been supporting and representing members since the collapse of One to One Midwives company. We have worked with NHS heads of midwifery and Trusts to offer jobs and training to the staff affected. NHS maternity services have also taken on those women let down by One to One Midwives company.

“Already stretched maternity units have faced a sudden and increased demand. It is through the hard work and dedication of the midwives, maternity support workers and their colleagues that the women affected by this have continued to receive safe and high quality care.”

For information on the investigation please contact NHS England.

See the RCM response on the announcement of One to One Midwives going into administration at https://www.rcm.org.uk/media-releases/2019/july/rcm-statement-on-one-to-one-going-into-administration/.


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