‘RCM responds to Public Sector Pay policy for 2019/20 in relation to Northern Ireland’

By   ‘RCM responds to Public Sector Pay policy for 2019/20 in relation to Northern Ireland’ on 31 October 2019 Midwifery Midwives Healthcare Professionals Pregnancy Director For Northern Ireland RCM Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Pay and Agenda For Change

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has responded to the announcement today by the Department of Finance on the setting of public sector pay policy for 2019/20.


Commenting, Karen Murray RCM’s Director for Northern Ireland said;“It’s disappointing not to have been consulted or informed directly about substantial decisions that have been made today that will impact on our members.

“Pay for midwives and maternity support workers (MSW)  in Northern Ireland has fallen behind the rest of the UK with a midwife in Northern Ireland at the top of her pay band earning at least £2,000 less than her peers at the same level in England and even less again when compared midwives in Scotland.


“In 2018 the RCM consulted its members and over 95 percent of respondents said that they would be willing to take  strike action to demonstrate their anger over pay inequalities with their colleagues in other parts of Britain and  Strike action is looking more likely.

“The absence of an Assembly in Northern Ireland is no longer an excuse for continued pay disparity for our members and we strongly urge the Departments of Health and of Finance to engage with the RCM and other trade unions before it is too late.

“There is a pressing need to demonstrate to our members that they are valued for the vital and important work they do on a daily basis to provide safe and effective care to women in Northern Ireland.”






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