Fought off regional pay and will fight again says RCM on Government regional pay reports

on 22 October 2018 Midwife Shortage Pay and Agenda For Change

Media reports today suggest that the Government may consider adopting regional pay, with public sector workers in different regions possibly being differently than their colleagues in other regions. Commenting on the reports Jon Skewes, Director for External relations at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “Regional pay is a discredited cul-de-sac and we urge the Government not to go down it."

"It hurts the NHS which faces a huge crisis with a shortage of midwives and other clinical staff. Regional pay would simply make that worse and would see regions already struggling to recruit facing even more problems in getting the staff they need.

“The RCM and other unions fought off attempts to bring in regional pay in the South West where pay and conditions were under threat, and we will fight again if necessary. We give fair warning against this desperate political posturing which is a threat to NHS staff and the NHS itself.”


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