May subscriptions update

We have been made aware of an administrative error by one of our suppliers, affecting direct debit payments RCM subscriptions. Because of this error, members’ banks have declined the direct debit request from the RCM’s bank. You may see the following as a result:

  • Your subscription payment comes out of your account and is then automatically refunded (this may take a few days);
  • Your subscription payment does not come out of your account.

There is a very small number of members for whom additional payments have been taken. We will be in touch with those members personally and will ensure that they are not out of pocket as a result of this error.

We are currently working with our bank, Unity Bank, to resolve this issue and will take payment for May’s subscription on Monday 15 May. For those members whose subscriptions have already been taken successfully, we will refund your payment over the next two days and retake payment on 15 May.

We are very sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused. Please be assured that your RCM membership and all its benefits, including representation, will not be affected.