The RCM Podcast: Current realities facing maternity services

It’s a challenging time for maternity services and in our latest episode Gemma Murphy explores the current issues facing RCM members. Midwife staffing shortages, NHS pay and pregnancy during COVID-19. Hear from the RCM’s Employment Relations Advisor Alice Sorby on all things pay and find out what’s happening with the 3% pay award due to members in England and Wales.

Suzzanne Tyler RCM’s Executive Director for Services to Members talks about pressures on services, staffing shortages, and why the RCM believes midwifery continuity of carer is so difficult to deliver in the current climate given there aren’t enough midwives.

COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy has rarely been out of the news lately and Birte Harlev-lam RCM’s Executive Director Midwife speaks to Gemma about the latest RCM guidance and what tools the RCM has developed to support its members in speaking to women about the vaccine. Gemma and Birte also discuss about how the RCM and it’s Chief Executive were targeted by online trolls and abused for giving evidence-based advice about vaccination during pregnancy.

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uploaded: 31 August 2021