IDM 2018 celebrations and competition

By Rae Trotter - RCM Senior Organiser (Learning) on 22 May 2018 RCM Branches

Pippa Warwick is a ULR in the Northern Trust. Pippa has completed Stage 1 of the ULR training and hopes to undertake Stage 2 training in June 2018. 

As part of her role Pippa devised a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) questionnaire. This questionnaire was circulated amongst staff and the feedback from it along with conversations that took place between Pippa and staff, highlighted the fact that the midwifery workforce would benefit enormously from a workshop on the use of Aromatherapy in Childbirth.

Pippa sourced funding from the Northern Branch of the RCM, and with it she was able to able to avail of the services of two experts in the field of Aromatherapy. Pippa invited Lindsay Woodman and Jude Davis to put on a workshop for staff.

On 23rd of April, a one day Conference/Workshop was delivered to over 30 midwifery staff. This was an excellent day and included expert theory on the topic along with hands on practical experience under the supervision of trained professionals.

Afterwards staff members were sharing with each other how beneficial the day was and how it will empower them in their clinical midwifery practice.

This entire episode provides strong evidence of the great work ULRs are involved in and how valuable they are to the maternity workforce.