MCAs in NHS Fourth Valley

By Gillian Morton, Director CPMO/ Women and Children's Directorate Chief Midwife NHS Forth Valley on 24 November 2022 RCM Branches

Midwives are always thought of as at the heart of maternity care and although this is true in many aspects of midwifery, the MCA/MSW role has evolved to a level where they have become true partners in our delivery of maternity care.

Our team of MCAs (some staff photographed above) are integral to many aspects of care throughout the pregnancy journey and are involved from the initial booking appointment through to the postnatal transfer of care to the health visitor.

They support our women and their families as well as midwives and students, guiding, teaching, encouraging and listening at each step.

In more recent times they have become involved in bereavement care which has received extremely positive feedback from both families and midwives. The level of compassion and care demonstrated from this group of staff has been exceptional.

Some quotes from staff who work with MCAs in NHS Fourth Valley said they are:

"Beating heart of community care"

"They are passionate in the care of mums and babies"

"Robin to our batman”


“They take time to connect and reassure”                           

“We are so appreciative of their work”

“Absorb so much work”     

“Couldn’t do without them!”

"They are extremely valued members of our maternity family"