Cardiff RCM Branch IDM celebrations

on 05 May 2021 RCM Branches

We were inspired by the RCM theme for IDM 2021 – Follow the Data : Invest in Midwives, and focused on what that could mean to our members. With this in mind and the restrictions on social contact due to COVID, we thought long and hard about what we could do to really show members that they were valued and that as a branch we are here for them.

The branch committee put in a lot of ground work for IDM 2021, with regular meetings, planning, budgeting for cost effect treats and gifts, sourcing and securing a large variety of generous donations and generating additional funds through fundraising activities before the day and on the day to maximise the impact of IDM celebrations this year.

‘Hug in a Bag’ self-care pamper kit, we made the decision to give out these fabulous packs to all of the 115 Midwives and 10 Student Midwives working on the 5th May to celebrate IDM. The kits included a note from the branch (see below) and a selection of pampering treats including facemasks, handcreams, lip balms, scented candles, chocolates & a herbal tea bag - calming blend!

Day & Night Shift ‘Treat Hampers’. The Day Shift ‘Treat Hampers’ were stocked with a large variety of treats including tea, coffee, squash, crisps, chocolate and cakes etc. and we restocked for the night shifts with hot chocolate, cereal bars, breakfast items and fruit juice etc.  We issued the hampers to the day shift and then the night shift in every area within Cardiff (over two sites) which included, x3 Community teams, x2 Antenatal Clinc’s, MW Sonographers, Fetal Medicine, Day Assessment Unit, Directorate, Midwife led unit, Research Midwives, SOM’s, Consultant Midwives, Bereavement Midwives, Obstetric led unit, Delivery Suite, Maternity Theatres, Induction Ward, Postnatal ward and Transitional Care ward.

The hampers were delivered with the traditional RCM fanfare of flags, balloons, pens and lots of excitement on a grand socially distanced walk about! We approached a variety of supermarket chains for donations to help stock the hampers and we would like to highlight and thank our local Asda and Sainsburys stores for their amazing generosity.

We also spent the week focusing on relevant learning events including highlighting RCM webinars available including the Pensions update and we did an ilearn crib sheet promotion highlighting modules that focused on investing in midwives. We reached out to our members via social media and work emails offering support on accessing learning, followed up by an email the week after IDM to offer ongoing learning advice/support.

Inspiring ‘Quote of the Day’ We posted an inspiring quote every day for the week of IDM on branch and hospital social media, the quotes were selected to promote kindness, gratitude, self-worth and wellbeing.

‘IDM Free Members Raffle’ - We worked hard as a committee to generate donated raffle prizes from local businesses to help us provide a free RCM Members Raffle open to all members. We would like to Thank the companies and organisations that generously donated raffle prizes: Sainsburys, PCMS Engineering, Stampin Up!…. (Sorry Ceri you will need to ask Bethan & Jodie for the other donator’s)

The IDM ‘Number Grid Game’ was a chance to do a little fundraising so that we could maximise additional funding for the day with amazing prizes.

We have had lots of positive feedback from our members, via email, social media posts and in person! The feedback included ‘perfectly timed pick me up, thank you’, ‘a fabulous celebration’ & ‘gratefully received’  and the general theme was that our members felt appreciated and that it felt like a special day that celebrated and highlighted their hard work.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of our fantastic Cardiff Branch Committee for their outstanding commitment to our members and highlight them for all of their dedicated hard work.

Maryanne - Secretary & Steward

Sarah - Treasurer

Ceri - Steward

Bethan - Steward

Helen - H&S Rep

Cara - H&S Rep

Natahsa - Learning Rep

Jodie - MSW Advocate

Becki - MSW Advocate

Jayne - Chair & Learning Rep