Fossil fuels: RCM investment policy

The Royal College of Midwives takes its responsibility for investing the money of its members seriously. These investments help to fund the work we do on behalf of those members, from representation to professional advice. It is not a role we take lightly, which is why we work with professionals to ensure we maximise the value of our investments while ensuring we apply high ethical standards.

Like many other organisations, we are constantly reviewing our investments to ensure they meet these criteria. We already apply this to arms manufacture, tobacco, breast milk substitute and alcohol. We are currently working with our investment managers to reduce our exposure to fossil fuels in line with other targets set out in our investment policy.  Because of the nature of the investment funds available to us, and many other Royal Colleges and health organisations like us, this is not something we can do immediately. Our goal will be to initially focus on divesting those funds that have the greatest exposure to fossil fuels, and we will work hard to ensure that this process is managed as swiftly as possible, while maintaining our responsibility to our members to manage their money effectively.