We recommend vaccination in pregnancy. The key role of midwives and maternity staff is to provide the best support and guidance to the pregnant women in their care and this includes information on the COVID vaccine. To support you share the right messages, we have produced the below guidance and webinar. 

Our message to pregnant women must also be inline with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) code for providing public service.


Evidence based literature search pack on vaccinations in pregnancy



Hear from a panel of expert maternity staff on how you can better support the women in your care to make an informed choice: 


There is a wealth of accurate information about the vaccine and fertility, pregnancy and pregnancy, from the joint RCM/RCOG webinar held in April 2021, which provides bite size updates on the key latest evidence.

Vaccines in Pregnancy Imprint Animation

We've also produced a dedicated section for pregnant women on the COVID hub. You can take a look at the evidence around vaccinations and pregnancy, the JCVI position and Q&As from pregnant women.