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The Big Conversation

The Big Conversation



The Big Conversation

Delivering the future, together.

As part of my role as CEO I want to spend time getting to know you, our members, to discover what matters most to you. I want to have a Big Conversation with every single one of you!

I want to understand what we can do to support you, professionally, in local services and networks, so that you maintain your passion and resilience for the next five years.

Why we're doing it

The Royal College of Midwives is here to support you, but in order to truly support and strengthen the RCM we need to hear your insights. We know that your wealth of experience and expertise can really help shape our RCM and make a difference now and into the future.

Stepping into the role of CEO has given me the opportunity to influence the three areas that I feel are vital to the future of the RCM – leadership, partnership and safety. If you could walk a day in my shoes what would you focus on and why?

Over the next five years, together with you, it’s our ambition to create the best RCM ever.

How to get involved

This is your opportunity for you to engage in The Big Conversation; to create our RCM and offer the best maternity care for mothers, babies, fathers and families. We’ll be at events around the country, listening on social media and you can easily feedback using our short online survey.

The outcome of The Big Conversation will help to shape the future of the Royal College of Midwives, so your feedback is essential in helping us to deliver the best possible RCM that we can.

Make a difference and have your say. Join The Big Conversation and help us shape the future of midwifery and maternity services.


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