MSW Week 2019

November 25 – 01 December marks Maternity Support Worker (MSW) Week. Within this week of activities the RCM aims to create awareness about the role of the MSW and to celebrate all the work they do to support midwives and maternity services across the UK and highlight how the RCM can support MSWs in their role.

Maternity support workers are an integral part of the maternity workforce and play an important role in supporting midwives and the wider maternity teams, mothers and their babies through pregnancy, labour and during the postnatal period.

During MSW Week 2019 the RCM will be running study days for MSW members (bands 2-4) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Book onto an MSW study day here

Celebrating 10 years of MSW Membership

This April the RCM celebrated the 10th anniversary of maternity support workers in maternity membership category.

Find out how we have collectively made a huge difference for support workers in maternity and advanced the various roles over those years:

Celebrating and supporting the MSW roles

The RCM welcomes Support Workers (bands 2-4) in Maternity including MSW’s, HCA’s, MA’s, Community Support Worker’s or those in clerical or administration roles into membership and to get more involved in our organisation. You can find out more information on our MSW Category of membership here.

Let’s use this week to raise awareness that the RCM is the only union and professional organisation with the expertise and knowledge necessary to support the development of support worker roles and improve working lives.

How are you celebrating MSW Week?

Hold an event 

RCM branches, activists and members are planning activities to take place during MSW Week to celebrate the support worker role in the maternity setting; this could an MSW awards ceremony, recruitment event, trolley dash, tea party or community event.

Do make sure you get involved and help make this high profile week of activity a success.

Please let us know the details of your event so that we can promote this and also support with RCM Staff attendance on the day, you can do this via survey monkey here.

Get Social Media Active!

We’ll be asking our members to be active on social media and also to tell the world of Maternity (and beyond) with our downloadable placards that “I ♥ being a Support Worker in Maternity because… or I ♥ my Support Worker in Maternity because...” You can download these as well as our green or blue bunting templates below.

We’ll be using the following hashtag to promote our events and local workplace activities and to acknowledge the support we offer to MSW’s throughout the week in November, please use this across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram linking @MidwivesRCM.



Download 'I love being an MSW because...' placard here

Download 'I love MSWs because...' placard here

Download our MSW Week poster to put up on your branch's noticeboard here.

  • Download green MSW bunting here
  • Download blue RCM bunting here

Download our MSW week events template here.

Download your MSW Week Resource pack here.

For more information please contact us via or speak to your National/Regional Officer or Organiser. 

Workplace reps and branches can order promotional materials via Storefront here