The vote has now closed for the Northern Ireland pay consultation. Results will be revealed soon. 

The RCM's consultation on the proposed Framework Agreement in the HSC in Northern Ireland was open until 20 February 2020. The RCM Board met and believe that the proposed agreement is the best that can be obtained through negotiation and meets our demands in full, so recommended that RCM members accept the proposals. The proposed Framework Agreement would restore pay parity with health workers in England with effect from 1st April 2019. It also sets out a funded framework for safe staffing.

The proposed Framework Agreement provides pay increases through a mix of pay awards, incremental progression and structural reform. These reforms improve starting pay and help more people get to the full rate for the job sooner, as was the case in England. Due to the delay in being able to negotiate an agreement in Northern Ireland there is also back pay from 01 April 2019. To ensure that you can see exactly what the changes mean for you the RCM along other HSC trade unions have worked in partnership with the Department of Health to develop guidance materials which can be accessed here.

Take a look at the pay calculator to find out how the agreement will affect you.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact or call us on 0333 303 0444. 

Take a look at the background on the Northern Ireland pay campaign here

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