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Student Midwife Forum Elections 2018

Student Midwife Forum Elections 2018

The nominations for student midwife elections to the RCM Student Midwife Forum (SMF) are open. We are looking for 1 student midwife from Scotland, 1 from Wales, 1 from England and 2 from Northern Ireland.

If you are interested in this opportunity and can contribute/facilitate an active role in the SMF committing to four meetings per year (usually held in London) and attendance at the RCM Student Midwife stream at Annual Conference. There are also opportunities to sit on external groups to provide a student perspective. Group members are required to provide a short report prior to each of the four meetings updating the group on current issues faced by student midwives within both University and clinical placements. Additional feedback may be required through out the year particularly if a student perspective is required for relevant consultation responses.

If you feel you are the person to become actively involved in the group, please send your manifesto of no more than 500 words along with the name of your University, email address, which year you are in and your name. Manifestos need to demonstrate who you are, why you are looking for a seat on the group and what you can offer. They will then be published for other RCM student members in your country to vote.

The RCM seeks nominations from black and minority ethnic (BME) student midwives, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) student midwives and those undertaking the shortened course as well as the three year programme to make the SMF representative of student midwives in the RCM.

All submissions need to be sent to Jennifer.rutter@rcm.org.uk

Please see details below about the forum:


  • Nomination entries will open from 17th October
  • The nominations deadline will be 14th November
  • Voting will open on 20th November and close on Friday 08 December
  • The new forum members will then be announced on Thursday 14 December


The membership of the RCM Student Midwives Forum will be:

  • 4 student midwives (England)
  • 2 student midwives (Scotland)
  • 2 student midwives (Wales)
  • 2 student midwives (Northern Ireland)
  • RCM Head of Organising and Engagement (Denise Linay)
  • RCM Regional/National Officer (Vicky Richards)


Member rules:

  • Members are elected by RCM student midwife members in the relevant country.
  • Members will be elected for a period of two years or until graduation if that comes earlier.
  • Members will not have the option to send a deputy if they cannot attend a meeting.
  • A member may be removed from the forum due to inactivity.

With consensus, the Forum will have the ability to co-op ad-hoc members onto the group when additional expertise/knowledge is required. The Forum is accountable to the RCM Executive Management Team (EMT).