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Student Midwife Forum Elections

Student Midwife Forum Elections

Role of the student midwife forum

The RCM student midwives forum (SMF) debates and discusses issues affecting student midwives at local and national levels to inform the work of the RCM on behalf of student midwife members. The SMF currently meets three times a year at RCM headquarters in central London and are made up of members who are elected by fellow student midwife members of the RCM.

Each of the four countries in the UK has student midwife representatives on the SMF and the group is chaired by a student midwife member and supported by RCM staff. We lead the RCM Student Midwives’ Conference each year, identifying issues of interest and concern to student midwives and uniquely contributing to the programme.

The SMF is currently reviewing the way it works to ensure that it continues to effectively network with student midwife members. A virtual reference group will be set up to include a representative from each university/midwifery society to make sure everyone has their voice heard. It has also been identified that an alumni of past SMF members would be invaluable in supporting the transition from student midwife to midwife.

View updates from the SMF in the Studentezine

Student Midwife Forum Elections 2018

Thank you to all of you who have nominated yourselves and voted in the Student Midwife Forum Elections. The votes have been verified and counted and we are very pleased to confirm that the successful nominees are;

Scotland: Mhairi McLellan from Robert Gordon University and Rachael Dewey from Edinburgh Napier University
Wales: Amy Yorath from Cardiff University
England North: Melissa Tweddle from the University of Hull
England Midlands & East: Jessica James-Hill from Coventry University
England South: Lara Carter from Anglia Ruskin University

We also retain four of our current SMF representatives, Deirbhile Murphy and Vince Rosales for Northern Ireland, Lydia Marklew-Adams for Wales and Rosie Jenks for the England region of London.
The dates for the meetings next year will be held on:  
  • Wednesday 23 January 2019
  • Tuesday 30 April 2019
  • Thursday 18 July 2019
  • Tuesday 10 September 2019


Meet the current members: 


Louise WebsterLou.bonass@gmail.com  

"I wanted to be a part of the SMF to voice issues and highlight the positive work that students undertake. I have been Vice Chair and Chair of the SMF, an active member of the RCM Advisory board and student voice for the NMC new midwifery education standards." Louise Webster, Midwife at Walsall Manor Hospital


Charlene Colecolec10@uni.coventry.ac.uk 

"I joined the SMF in my second year as I really wanted to be a voice for students and to promote my ideas for support and collaborative working through social media. I have chaired sessions at the RCM Student Conference and been a part of the RCM Advisory Board - it has been a wonderful experience." Charlene Cole, third year Student Midwife at Coventry University



Alice Kerseyak9089f@greenwich.ac.uk

"I have been a member of the SMF for two years now and joined to have a voice for student midwives within the RCM. I have been a student representative for RCOG’s electronic fetal monitoring learning package and for the NMC; devising new proficiencies for the upcoming midwifery education standards." Alice Kersey, third year Student Midwife at the University of Greenwich



Rosie Jenks – roseanna.jenks@gmail.com

"I joined the RCM as a first year student, after I was inspired by a RCM Organiser who came to our university. I was excited by the prospect of developing my passion for midwifery and since joining I have represented the SMF speaking at a conference celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS." Rosie Jenks, third year student at the University of West London



Northern Ireland


Deirbhile Murphy - dmurphy69@qub.ac.uk

"I am one of the SMF Northern Ireland representatives. I was eager to join the SMF to be a voice for student midwives within the RCM. I have really enjoyed my role so far and look forward to future opportunities." Deirbhile Murphy, second year Student Midwife at Queens University Belfast




Vince Rosales - vrosales01@qub.ac.uk

"I have been a midwifery student since October 2017 on the 22 month course. I really enjoy representing students and the experience of working with the RCM." Vince Rosales, a registered Nurse, A&E Senior Nurse practitioner of 8 years, trained at Queens University Belfast  



Elizabeth Barilli - B00235948@studentmail.uws.ac.uk

"I was eager to join the SMF to meet with student midwives to discuss any issues that related to  academic or clinical experience. Through the SMF, I have been given fantastic opportunities such as chairing a session at the RCM Conference, and joining the NMC Quality Assurance Reference Group." Elizabeth Barilli, third year Student Midwife at the University of the West of Scotland




Lydia Marklew-Adams - 16025342@students.southwales.ac.uk

"Studying to be a midwife is helping to fulfill my ambition to care for women as well as being an advocate for them. I feel it is part of my role to encourage student voices to be heard as greater demands are being put onto midwives." Lydia Marklew-Adams, second year Student Midwife at the University of South Wales  




Jennifer Pope - PopeJ3@cardiff.ac.uk

"I joined the RCM during my second year to be a voice for student midwives in Wales. Since being on the forum, I have chaired sessions at the RCM Student Conference and have been involved with drafting of the NMC 2020 Midwifery programme standards." Jenny Pope, third year student at Cardiff University



How does RCM Student Midwives Forum engage with Student members?

There are number of ways that you can get engaged with RCM's SMF and other Student Members:

  • View updates from the SMF in the Studentezine which is emailed to all RCM student members.
  • Follow @RCM_SMF and #GetYourTweetOn
  • As  a Student Member you will receive newsletters and can access free events delivered the RCM

Further information

For further information about the RCM SMF, contact RCM head of organising and engagement Denise Linay at: denise.linay@rcm.org.uk or on: 0300 303 0444.