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Midwifery Societies

Midwifery Societies

At your university there will be lots of societies for you to join. A number of universities now have a midwifery society.  Have you thought about getting involved with your society or even linking it with the RCM? Affiliating your midwifery society with the RCM can help to build links with local branches and access RCM resources and events as part of the society’s activities. If you are unsure how to find out if your university has a society contact your student union or visit their website.

If your university doesn’t currently have a midwifery society you can always set one up yourself, each student union will have its own guidelines but generally the steps below will serve as a rough guide to setting up a society. If you want support from the RCM why not contact the RCM Student Midwives Forum who have lots of experience in setting up and running societies.

  • Discuss your idea with other students to gauge interest and feasibility.
  • Speak with your student union office for advice.
  • The society’s core activities must not overlap with an existing group.
  • It should be open to all students of the university.
  • There is usually a minimum number of potential members set by the university.
  • There is often an application process online to set up the society, or you may need to get this from the student union – this will ask for, the names of the organisers, a constitution/set of objectives for the society, outline of proposed activities, outline of what funding you will initially apply for, a petition of interested members of the society.
  • Some universities may ask for a declaration of any external organisations who are affiliates of the society at the application stage – therefore if may be worth stating if this is going to be an RCM Midwifery Society.
  • The application will need to be submitted to the Student Union who will decide whether to accept or decline your application. Some universities may ask the society organisers to present to Student Union officials at this stage.
  • If your application is accepted you will need to agree to adhere as a group to the relevant policies and procedures.
  • Societies will need to elect a President (usually the founder) leader of the society, Treasurer (the person who deals with the money), Social Secretary/Fundraiser. Some universities would ask for the names of these post-holders at the application process whilst others wouldn’t expect this detail   until the Society has been approved. The society will need to hold a yearly AGM.
  • The university may set a minimum fee which you can charge for membership.