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Health and safety representatives

Health and safety representatives

We have three types of workplace representatives with specific duties – health and safety representatives, stewards and learning representatives.

Health and safety representatives are workplace representatives who assist and advise other members on health and safety policy and procedures which may have an impact on their working environment. Responsibilities include: investigating potential hazards and the causes of accidents and making representations to the employers on health, safety and welfare matters.

What do health and safety representative do?

  • Enable effective cooperation in promoting and developing a healthy and safe workplace
  • Investigate potential hazards and investigate the causes of accidents
  • Investigate complaints by any RCM member and make representations to the employers on such matters
  • Carry out inspections in accordance with health and safety regulations
  • Liaise with the Health and Safety Executive
  • Attend meetings of the Safety Committee.
  •  Role Definition for H and S Representative

What do I need?

How do I become a health and safety rep?

Your peers, at a branch or workplace meeting, elect you to serve for the next year, and you are then accredited by the RCM.

Health and Safety Accreditation Form

How will the RCM help me?

The RCM will:

  • Provide dedicated training on an ongoing basis, with agreed expenses met
  • Assist in your professional development
  • Support you whenever possible
  • Provide specialist advice on health and safety matters
  • Put you in contact with other members who also act as health and safety reps for the RCM
  • Give access to regional/national officers for advice and support.

Complete and return the Paid Time Offer Letter to Attend Trade Union Activity  template letter to your manager/employer to ask for paid time off to attend trade union activity.

What would I be expected to do?

  • Represent the members in your area where necessary
  • Recruit midwives, MSWs and student midwives into the RCM
  • Provide advice and act as a spokesperson
  • Perform individual casework
  • Conduct some negotiations
  • Provide feedback to members at meetings
  • Support the RCM regional/national officer
  • Attend JSC and work in partnership with other NHS unions.

The Health and safety resource book  helps you to understand the legal framework, the role of the safety reps and much more.

What's in it for me?

  • Acquisition of easily transferable skills that will assist in your career development 
  • A role in contributing to the changing role of the midwifery team
  • Gaining greater knowledge of the midwifery profession and service developments
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Training in health and safety matters
  • The satisfaction of making a difference to members' working lives, helping others
  • Reasonable time off to carry out your duties as a steward.

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