The RCM has established a new Expert Clinical Advisory Group to develop rapid professional briefings during the pandemic. The group is made up of 12 members of the RCM team – including midwives with current and recent clinical experience, midwifery educationalists and researchers, supported by a librarian from MIDIRs. The team have developed a range of briefings, which are updated regularly to reflect current evidence as it evolves.

The Academic rapid reviews are five rapid analytic reviews of the current evidence base, carried out by the RCM’s Professorial Advisory Group. This group is made up of some of the leading midwifery professors from across the UK, who came together to offer their time to the RCM in developing these reviews during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The RCM is very grateful to Professors Helen Cheyne, Soo Downe, Fiona Dykes, Billie Hunter, Tina Lavender, Lesley Page, Mary Renfrew, Jane Sandall and Helen Spiby for their work in developing the reviews to support maternity services during the pandemic. 

Induction of labour in the pandemic - a rapid scoping review 

Rapid review to optimising maternity services and maternal and newborn outcomes in a pandemic

Rapid Analytic Review: Labour and Birth Companionship in a pandemic

Supporting your emotional wellbeing during the pandemic

Optimising mother-baby contact and infant feeding in a pandemic

1. PAN-COVID registry study

Midwife Alison Perry of Imperial College is the project manager of the PAN-COVID registry study. This is a world-wide endeavour to understand the clinical picture of COVID-19 in pregnant women and neonates. The PAN-COVID project is not only important to our collective understanding of the virus in pregnancy, but it also makes a very practical way to involve midwives in research.





The HSIB are reviewing processes and approach to investigation to ensure they minimise the impact investigations have on Trusts at this time

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In recognition of the current pressure on the NHS and maternity services in response to COVID-19, the NHS Resolution has announced a pause in reporting procedure for the maternity incentive scheme


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